Hey all!
First of all, I am sorry that communication with me is not as smooth as I think it is supposed to be.
I decided to put together this page to have some place with all the basic information to share with you and let you have some wider view on the project itself.
If we have some things left to discuss, please harass me on social media - I will respond in any given free moment from some airport or bus ;D

Two ideas acting as my guidelines for the project

‘This isn’t a performer-audience relationship. This is cosplay. We are, all of us [on this floor], injecting ourselves into a narrative that meant something to us, and we are making it our own. We are connecting with something important inside of us, and the costumes are how we reveal ourselves to each other’ - Adam Savage

‘Those who adapt works of art should be given creative license to make the story work for them. But you cannot mine the source material for parts. Adaptation and remixes do not require straight adherence or obedience or even necessarily respect. Just an understanding what made original so powerful in the first place.’ - Evan Puschak

The team, the location and the theme

Sophie and Ludo France 13.10.18 Persona 5
Germany 15.10.18 Dragon Age : Inquisition
Lithuania 17.10.18 Final Fantasy XIII
Poland 21.10.18 Neon Genesis Evangelion
Poland 23.10.18 Westworld
Looking for UK (LONDON) 27.10- 06.11.18 ???
Asia and Paula Poland and Canada 10.11.18 Resident Evil 2

When will the photos be ready?
Some of them might be ready before 15.11.18, majority will be ready around 30.11.18
Whatever is left will be procesed during december.
The project will be a part of exhibition in London in March - details to be confirmed.

Final form of publication or title ? WE WILL SEEEE

Legal Note
Because it is my MA project I will 100% have to collect Model Release forms form you!
You can preview it here : CLICK ME

Extra things I want to do with you all.

Short recording (out of costume)
A short talk ( audio or video - idk yet) probably about :
- your first costume (anecdotes!)
- why create , learn, invest in cosplay (+do you have : art education/experience)
- role of cosplay now
- your ideas what cosplay photography is or should be

I want to collect your opinions as a part of academic argument, but I am also entertaining the idea of putting them together in some way and releasing them with the final project.
(example: If this is going to end up being an album, some quotes might open your chapter of it)

2) “Cover Photo” :
(the series of solo/duo photographs to connect all shoots together in a form of collage)

the sketch.png

3) Low-key portrait (VERY VERY IMPORTNAT)
Something like this (khem… but better ;) )
Apart from being pretty it will allow me to present the whole scope of work in some unified matter

Those are pieces of visual language I am reviewing in my head when I am thinking about shoot, shooting and editing.
It might help you to understand what is going in my head (but it does not mean I want to treat you like one of Leonardos painting ;D)
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